The Age of Acquisition and the Perfection of Inequality

The Washington Post proclaims: "The GOP Tax Reform is a Scam." As Millions of working and middle class people are discovering that their tax returns are either significantly lower, or, that they actually owe substantial amount of money, they feel conned. And yet, while the recent GOP tax reform does represent one of the largest transfers of wealth in the History of American Politics, and while that transfer of wealth overwhelmingly benefitted the super-rich, nothing has gone wrong. No one has been Conned. In this episode, "The Age of Acquisition and the Perfection of Inequality," we argue that the system worked perfectly. The legal, economic, and political space of American Democracy was designed specifically for the emergence of a "New Aristocracy of Acquisition" that mobilizes inequalities of talent, ability, ambition, and intelligence. The Vulgar are only now learning they are the Vulgar. Enjoy.