At DSU We Are Dedicated To The Expansion Of Consciousness Through Deepening Our Capacity To Love, Learn, And Live. We Are Committed To The Harmonious Integration Of All Aspects Of Life Into A Single, Pulsating Being. This Begins With Our Infinite Capacity For Love. One Can Never Love Enough. Through Love One Discovers Oneself, The Beauty And Joy Of Others, And The Shared Nature Of Reality. Everything We Do At DSU Is Governed By Our Desire To Love, Infinitely. Love Is Learning, Because Learning Is The Process Of Growing And Healing. Learning Is Essential Because It Is The Process By Which Consciousness Becomes Art, Where Life Itself Is Made Into Something Meaningful And Uniquely Individual. The Fusion Of Love And Learning Allows Us To Live Passionately. We Believe That Every Sound, Sensation, Touch, And Taste Can Make The Heart Tremble And The Soul Sing. At DSU We Believe Life Should Be Lived Intensely And Ecstatically. Love. Learn. Live.