The Crisis of Legitimacy of Meaning and the Rise of Informational Tribalism

Recently, Donald Trump stated: "The Past 'Phony' Jobs Numbers are now 'Very Real.'" In our last episode, "A Very (Brief) History of Truth," we investigated the philosophical meaning of the "Truth" and traced its historical transformation across different philosophical epochs. In our follow-up episode, "The Crisis of Legitimacy of Meaning and the Emergence of Informational Tribalism," we explore the crisis of meaning that threatens to destroy the very foundation of our social and political space. The emergence of "Fake News," "Alternative Facts," and the collapse of the "Fact/Value" Distinction has brought us to an unprecedented moment of Informational Tribalism where "Meaning" and "Reality" serve the Whims of those in power, or those who are willing to exercise power to impose their "Reality." Contrary to what many believe, Donald Trump is not the cause of this, but rather a symptom of a crisis in meaning and information that has now reaching its perfection.