The Orwellian State Part 2 - Language as Power

Our most recent episode, "Language as Power: Transcending Orwell's account of language through Nietzsche and Foucault," is Part II in a Four Part series. In our last episode, we discussed Orwell's claim that powerful, authoritarian governments have stolen our freedom of thought, speech, and action. In addition, we examined Orwell's metaphysical accounts of human freedom, rationality, and language that presuppose Orwell's claim that something has gone terribly wrong in the late-modern intellectual and socio-political space. In this episode, we raise the question: What happens if we abandon Orwell's metaphysical account of freedom and language. What happens if we approach language and power from a Nietzschean and Foucaultian perspective? What happens if we view Language as an Exercise of Power? Enjoy.